Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doing a little bit for the environment

To live in 2011 and not be wondering how you can "do your bit" for the environment and the planet would be somewhat akin to being a dinosaur.
As some of you may know Im an ex-Environmental Scientist - well - is anyone an ex-professional? Just because I don't source a salary directly anymore, nor have a business card with "Environmental Officer" on it, doesnt mean Ive stopped "doing my bit" for our planet.

My business now contributes to the the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program. We sell Tassie Devil Tea, and 50c per box goes to this Appeal. This was my first "direct" contribution to a known conservation program as a business owner. Im pleased as punch.
But my ideas dont stop there.
It been bugging me for quite some time - how much carbon is used importing tea to Australia?
What is the carbon footprint for teabags vs loose leaf tea? Well Im going to investigate....

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  1. Hey Sam. Great to see that you're blogging too. I can't read your profile for some reason. It's half in Thai at my end mixed up with the English.
    Very interesting thoughts on tea and the environment. My first reaction is that surely loose leaf tea is better for the environment. Apart from the fact you use a bit more water for washing, there is a lot less waste. Hmm. Miss good tea. I didn't have the space in the suitcase for any but Mum is enjoying it I think. xxxxx